Best Tape Measures to Buy on Amazon – Buying Guide

A tape measure, apart from a hammer, maybe, the best or most valuable DIY tool. We’re willing to bet that you’ll need to weigh things regularly if you rent or buy your house.

Tapes haven’t improved much over the years, and most of them look the same. They do, though, come in a variety of lengths and measuring units. You may also buy a high-tech laser measurer, and some have notable features like extra loops, belt ties, or all-weather toughness.

These are the most acceptable tape measures on the market right now.

Best Tape Measure to Buy on Amazon – Buying Guide

Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure

Our top pick is the Stanley PowerLock. It has a length of 12, 16, 25, 30, or 35 feet and a reach of 10 feet. This means you can stretch it up to 10 feet without having anyone, on the other hand, to keep it in place.

It fits well in your hand or tool belt and is lightweight enough to carry with you on the go. The Tru-Zero hook on this measuring tape begins the measurements at the beginning of the tape, allowing you more precision when measuring long distances. It’s perfect for framing jobs because it has 16-inch and 19.2-inch stud markings. It’s also corrosion-proof and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

GDMINLO Soft Tape Measure

This 60-inch tape from GDMINLO is the perfect tape measure for sewing. It’s compact and comfortable for needlework, clothesmaking, tailoring, and other projects because it has inches on one hand and centimeters on the other.

This measuring tape folds or rolls up into a slim, compact size that slips comfortably into your sewing bag, purse, or wallet. The light, durable vinyl is easy to work with on fabrics and will not wear out with time.

Komelon The Professional 12-Foot Power Tape

This tape measure is inexpensive and efficient. The Professional is available in both imperial (inches), and metric (cm) sizes and ranges up to 12 feet. Its ergonomic style feels good in your lap, and the added belt loop keeps it close at hand. The nylon-coated blade is also ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

RYOBI 25 ft. Tape Measure with Overmold and Wireform Belt Clip

This RYOBI tape measure has a convenient wireform clip that keeps it stable and within reach while preventing fraying on your clothes or belt.

In addition to wear-resistant nylon covering over the blade, the tape casing has a hardened rubber over-mold for impact protection and a secure grip. If you need to get down to 1/16 inch, the blade has precise fraction marks.

Bosch BLAZE 65-ft Outdoor Laser Distance Measurer with Backlit Display

The Bosch BLAZE is the perfect laser tape measure. This professional-grade instrument projects a laser beam as deep as 65 feet with pinpoint precision with a single button press. This makes measuring vast spaces simple and helps you to get an accurate reading without any help.

Not just that, but it’s a lot quicker than using a traditional measuring tape. In a matter of seconds, you can assess a situation and begin weighing. The wrist band frees up your hands between scales, and the instrument fits in your pocket or tool belt. The backlit panel also makes it possible to see your figures at night or in dimly lit areas.

DEWALT DWHT34028 100 ft. Fiberglass Long Tape

If you need to weigh a lot, a commercial space, or someplace? This DEWALT tape measure, which measures 100 feet, is your best bet. It has a twofold fiberglass blade with precise decimal foot and fractional inches dimensions.

When you’re done measuring, this side crank easily rolls up the tape measure and is ergonomically designed for convenience. It also includes a stake hoop of professional quality for easy outdoor weighing.

Milwaukee Compact Auto Lock Tape Measure

We suggest the Milwaukee Auto Lock if you require incredibly accurate dimensions down to fractions of an inch. You will measure down to 1/16 of an inch thanks to a fractional scale written on the nylon blade.

The 12-foot reach of this 25-foot tape automatically locks into position for fast, reliable readings.

Stanley FATMAX Magnetic Tape Measure

The Stanley FATMAX binds tightly to studs and other metal surfaces, thanks to a powerful magnet on the hook’s end. You can do various jobs yourself, and you don’t have to pin things in place on one end.

The FATMAX has a 14-foot scope that can stretch up to 25 feet. It has a Tru-Zero hook, much like other Stanley tape scales, for consistently precise measurements. It also has a cushioned, slip-resistant shape that fits easily in your hand and an easy-to-operate blade handle, which we like.

Ensure You Buy the Best Tape Measure

Length of the Blade

Tape measures come in a variety of lengths. Blade lengths of 6 to 10 feet are used on the smallest tape measurements. These are suitable for hobbyists and homeowners who need to complete small domestic tasks from time to time.

Longer tape scales are used by DIYers, architects, carpenters, and other practitioners (16-feet, 25-feet, and 30-feet tape measures). Surveyors use much longer tape measures, ranging from 50 to 330 feet in length.


The steel blade’s ability to stretch without drooping is awe-inspiring. Longer standout length is a product of thicker blades. The bigger or longer the standout, the more you can weigh. The standout detail can be found in the product summary or specification.


Ensure the scales written on the steel or fiberglass tape are wide and readable to get a correct reading. So, you don’t have to squint to reach the mark. Use a tape measure with a longer blade and bigger numbers written on it.

Best Price for a Tape Measure

It is said that the more reliable a commodity is, the more expensive it is. For the most part, this is right. However, specific high-priced tape measures don’t stand up to the test of time, so buying a high-priced tape measure isn’t necessarily a good idea if high-priced doesn’t always mean durable.

Tape measures that are accurate and cost less than $20 can be found online. If you’re willing to spend more money on a tape measure, a 2-in-1 laser and traditional model like this one from Tacklife, which is also featured in our best laser tape measure review, is a great option.


Tape precautions are comparatively light, but they will add weight to your tool bag or vest if you’re still wearing other tools. If you don’t want to struggle with extra weight when working or carrying equipment, use a shorter tape measure (a 16 or 25-foot one would probably be sufficient).

Unit Measurement

The blades of most tapes sold in the United States are written with only US customary units. However, if you want to save time translating measurements or work with a global organization, getting one with metric and imperial/US standard units written on the blades is a good idea. In any case, the cost differential between US customary only and US typical plus metric units measuring tape isn’t essential.

Locking Mechanism of the best tape measure

 Few measuring tapes have a self-locking feature that helps you see the blade in the measurement you want. Although it is undoubtedly helpful for specific users and an intelligent function, it is not absolutely important. Pushing the thumb lock down to lock the blade in place isn’t difficult.


All the tape measurements during the evaluations we checked have been successful. I am tempted by choosing the tape measure of Tacklife to include a laser feature. Still, it’s ultimately too costly for the usual hobbyist or homeowner. The tape measurement in Fastcap has also been excellent and cost-effective. Still, it’s more of a hobbyist than an expert.

So, which tape measure is the strongest of the bunch? The Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure, in my opinion, is the perfect measuring tape. What distinguishes it? Let’s begin with the outside. It comes with a chrome-plated housing that reminds me of vintage tape measures. This is the tape measure for you if you’re an old-school type who enjoys the gleaming look of chrome. It won’t fall out of your hand, thanks to the textured rubber over-molding.

It’s 7 feet long, which makes it stand out. Furthermore, the units and tape measure symbols written on the blade are legible. Also, the price is really reasonable. You really are looking for something simple but robust and affordable if you’re like most men. This 30-foot tape measure satisfies the requirements well.

I hope you’ve gained a lot of knowledge from our best tools review and can dive into buying the best tape measure on Amazon.

John Dutton

John Dutton

Hi! I'm John Dutton and I've been in the repair field for 20+ years. I decided to start this blog to help other people with some of the tips and tricks I have learned over my career. I hope you find this information helpful and please check back often for updated content.

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John Dutton

John Dutton

Hi! I'm John Dutton and I've been in the repair field for 20+ years. I decided to start this blog to help other people with some of the tips and tricks I have learned over my career. I hope you find this information helpful and please check back often for updated content.

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