Painting the Exterior of Your Home in Florida

You will save a lot of time, money, and trouble by choosing a valuable exterior painting for your Florida-based Stucco House. Even though it makes your house more stunning, decent exterior paint will enhance your residence and make it more worthy.

A pretty exterior paint just gives a stunning and fresh look to your home. It works to protect the outside of your house. It works for you. You want to ensure that the external paint is 100% waterproof.

We usually see 54 units or so of rain here in the Tampa Metro area every year. The hurricane season will also take place between June and November. It isn’t rare for us to face extreme weather during those months, whether in a hurry to meet severe weather.

Since the moisture behind the paint is a frequent source of paint loss, for the sake of esthetics, this is something you’ll need to ensure that your inner walls don’t rust or rot. You want to be sure that when you choose an outdoor paint for a Florida stucco house.

Painting Options for Exterior Home Painting in Florida

Painting Options for Exterior Home Painting in Florida ... Painting the Exterior of Your Home in Florida

Many paint styles involve outdoors, but only two fit well on stucco. Premium latex paint became the first. To get the maximum advantage of this form of paint, you would want to look for 100 percent acrylic polymers paints.

The second painting is elastomeric.

Some painters claim that elastomeric paintings are more miniature than acrylic. Many outdoor painters do not even apply them properly. In case of leaks in the home’s entire surface, it is also necessary to correct them and then correctly dissolve and clean the surface before applying the paint before applying any elastomeric paint.

The critical issue with elastomeric paint, i.e., that humidity is susceptible to trapping within walls, is thus prevented. There are, of course, all the steps to take, as adding a waterproof stain without coping with the moisture that already has made its way into your home makes very little sense.

If you don’t get professional support, we don’t suggest using elastomeric paint. For a dedicated DIYer, acrylic coating is a much safer alternative.

Top 3 Brands to Consider for Exterior House Painting Supplies in Florida

There are 3 brands that you can count on to be consistently successful in your local hardware store. It’s the following:

Scott Paint 

Scott Paint produces a good 100% acrylic outer paint line. Make sure you have the stucco first. You want to use their first sealer in concrete and masonry, too. Finish the whole thing with your unique high-performance coating after you paint.

Sherwin Williams.

They manufacture both elastomeric and acrylic paints.


Behr makes magnificent masonry, stucco, and paint brick. Behr paints can last comfortably up to 20 years when they are applied correctly.

A few more options are open to pros, primarily as they can buy commercial paints. However, often pros like us, depending on your home, use the same three different painting types. They are solid choices, and their suppliers are prepared to guarantee the job if an approved applicant has done so.

Final Thoughts

What color you use doesn’t matter if the work isn’t actually finished first of all. Before you begin, learn the art of painting on the exterior and understand how your surface can be adequately prepared. Don’t forget to buy applicators for better paint while you’re there.

If you want to look nice and last your stucco color, do not miss measures. As discussed in another blog post, how much the outside of your home in Florida should be painted? High-quality stucco paint is expected to last 5-7 years. The first preparation work and the tool you use will be much more critical than the paint’s durability! Please consider the residential outer decorating services if you plan to take the house-painting job yourself too far.

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